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Keep Up the Momentum

Pivot in Uncertain Times

These Moments of crisis have provided unique and challenging opportunities for transformative, long-term change that can lead to a more resilient future.

As a Council member, I have re-assessed and re-imagined our priorities in a new light. Everything from our finances to our street closures had to be balanced to provide the best outcome for all.

Residents are looking to local leaders to help manage the stress and fear of this new and unknown disease. Being called on to devise a recovery strategy that not only opens up the economy but protects lives.

Despite deep uncertainty, I have been able to pivot and use this time to retool conventional thinking and decision-making, opening the door for transformative change to a more resilient future. 

I have faced this challenge head on and have continued my efforts to find ways to not only help Danville today but ensure residents and businesses will thrive moving forward.

My experienced leadership is not only important at a local level, but also at a regional level where established relationships are imperative.

Experience: Get Involved


Renee has PROVEN Experience and Dedication to work at Regional and State levels.

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Developing Regional Partnerships

Advocating and Protecting our Community through Regional Partnerships

Honoring our Veterans

Freedom is not Free. We must always remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice


Supporting our Local Businesses

Implementing Creative Ideas, Outreach and Solutions for Current and Future Danville Businesses.

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