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I was elected to the Danville Town Council in 2012 and served as Mayor in 2016 and 2021. I previously served on the Danville Planning Commission, Danville’s Historic Design Review, and Danville’s Heritage Resource Commission for 8 years. During this time I implemented stronger open space guidelines, tightened historic preservation guidelines, and updated 2 General Plans. 

As a Council member, I have re-assessed and re-imagined our priorities in a new light. The global impact of the Pandemic and SIP orders created an immediate and significant financial impact on all local governments. Being called on to devise a recovery strategy that not only opens up the economy but protects lives.

I have faced this challenge head-on and have continued my efforts to find ways to not only help Danville today but ensure residents and businesses will thrive moving forward. 

Everything from our finances to our street closures had to be balanced to provide the best outcome for all. I tend to look at Finances through Financial Bifocals, with one eye on the present and one eye on the future. 

I have continued to ensure the ongoing fiscal health of the Town by adopting a balanced budget, maintaining strong reserves, and sustainable a ten-year forecast. The 23/24 Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program continue to reflect careful financial planning.


During my 12 years on the Danville Town Council, I have made significant progress in many areas:

    •    ★ Ensured Public Safety-Safest City in California (7 years)

    •    ★ Developed Strong Financial Reserves with a Sustainable Ten Year Forecast

    •    ★ Protected and Preserved Open Spaces

    •    ★ Expanded Services to Seniors

    •    ★ Improved Parks and Fields

    •    ★ Supported Local Business Outreach and Sustainability

    •    ★ Enhanced Youth Programs 

    •    ★ Increased Bicycle Lanes and Cyclist safety

    •    ★ Increased Transparency-Live Broadcast Meetings and Public Outreach

    •    ★ The List Goes On…


Experienced established leadership is important at a local level and regionally. My approach has always been proactive and hands-on with an open-door policy for everyone. I also maintain partnerships with public agencies, nonprofits, and service organizations. I have maintained numerous highly successful co-sponsorship relationships to support and provide enrichment and cultural opportunities for the community. 


My diverse services and board positions include:

    •    San Ramon Regional Hospital/Tenet Healthcare-Governing Board Chair

    •    SRV Emergency Preparedness Citizens Corp-Board Member

    •    Contra Costa Transportation Authority, SWAT, TRAFFIX-Director

    •    Meals on Wheels Diablo Region-Executive Board/Chair

    •    League of California Cities-Member

    •    The One Hundred Club-Lifetime Member 

    •    Danville Children’s Guild-Parliamentarian/Member 

    •    Contra Costa County Sheriff's Posse-Member 

    •    Museum of the SRV-Auction Chair

    •    American Red Cross-Leadership Board

    •    Danville Women's Club-former VP of Programs

    •    Relay for Life/Walk to End Alzheimer's-Guest Speaker/Team Captain

    •    The List also goes on…


Having a seat at the table benefits all residents. I continue to conduct legislative advocacy at state, regional, and federal levels, in the face of the state and federal governments continuing efforts to narrow the scope of local authority vested in cities. My balanced leadership approach always provides the best outcome for Danville.  I will continue to preserve everything great about Danville, as I have done for more than 16 years.


I grew up in a military family. My father served 30 years and retired as a Command Sergeant Major. He passed from Agent Orange Cancer as a result of the Vietnam War.


I am a 35-year Danville resident and proud mom of two children. My 36-year-old daughter and 21-year-old son attended PreK-12 in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District and graduated from San Ramon Valley High School. My Son-in-Law retired from the Army and I have two beautiful grandchildren. We are animal lovers and have 2 Labradoodles and 5 grand dogs. We have also fostered dogs and rehomed them.


In conclusion, there is a reason the words ‘outstanding quality of life’ describe Danville. I will continue to maintain our history and small-town atmosphere and open space which is paramount. All while providing excellent services to our residents with a balanced budget and healthy reserves and being fiscally responsible. Statics have proven our force field for the safety city for our residents and property- Danville is the Safest City in the State of California, the best place to live and retire!


Thank you. 




Renee Morgan

Experience Matters

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